Book Promotion Video for Authors

It is a fact that today fewer people read books. Authors have to include video in their marketing efforts to capture the attention of the marketplace. Book promo video helps authors:56156364_f3723ffcc7_n
1. Generate more visibility for their book
2. Get traffic to websites and blogs promoting their book because of blended media content
3. Inform the prospective readers in a short amount of time what their book is about
4. Increase the perceived value of their book by having a professionally produced video
5. Sell more books
6. Bring their book to life

In the video below, you will see how in a short amount of time this book promo video for Connie Podesta has created more Internet traffic to her outlets, including her website and blog.

photo credit: for squirrels and chipmunks, practice makes perfect via photopin (license)

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