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How is Primeau Productions REALLY different?

  • 30+ years in business with 100+ years combined video production experience
  • Outstanding, personalized customer service
  • Majority of current clients represent repeat business
  • Successful completion of projects while staying on budget
  • Production packages with guaranteed pricing
  • Videos that help you stand out from the competition
  • International database of partnering video professionals
  • Industry Standard Quality & Post Production Techniques (Motion Graphics, Color Grading)
  • Produce | Publish | Promote: Video Production Marketing Strategy
  • Complete script writing, casting, location and logistical services

Founded in 1984, Primeau Productions is an international, full-service video production company with studios in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Unlike other full-service production companies, we do more for our clients than just video production. We help them realize the greatest possible return on their investment.

This comprehensive approach is summed up in our vision statement: Produce | Publish | Promote. We help our clients find the best online resources to showcase their videos, and we design targeted, cost-effective campaigns to drive viewers to those Internet websites.

From your first free consultation, our team of experienced writers, directors, and media marketing specialists will work to guide you successfully through all three steps of the process: Produce | Publish | Promote. In this way, Primeau Productions redefines the meaning of “full-service” when it comes to professional video production.

It is true that video is the most powerful communications tool ever devised. There are sound economic reasons that the world’s largest corporations budget such large sums toward the production of video content, destined for broadcast and online consumption. No matter the size of your budget, we are committed to putting the persuasive potential of video to work for you.

Specializing in event videos, we also create top quality productions for business, industry, education, government, and individuals. The members of our diverse team contribute knowledge, the latest in video technology and techniques, as well as creativity, the spark that enables style and content to complement each other.

Primeau Productions is proud that we have had many of our clients for 25+ years and that most of our new business comes from referrals. Repeatedly, clients express their appreciation of our wide-ranging expertise and unrivaled customer service.

Our founder and CEO Ed Primeau is a respected writer, director, author, coach, consultant and recognized audio/video forensics expert. Ed works wirelessly with companies, corporations, entrepreneurs and authors to help them harness the power of video.



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