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Seven Ways to Know if Video is Right for your Business

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

handycam-1540095 (1)At Primeau Productions, we often see businesses that operate conservatively and survive. Then there are the businesses that take a chance. They believe in what they do and make the financial effort to market themselves. These companies succeed far greater than those that are afraid to break out of their safe routines.

Investing in professional video produced by a company that has decades of experience is key when embarking on a new avenue to put your company ‘out there’ in the world. When you evaluate the cost of creating a welcome video, explainer video or sizzle reel for your business website, consider this: How much business do you need to generate in order to gain a return on that investment?

We speak to prospects for professional video regularly. Some say that professional video is too expensive. Others shop around for less than professional production which is lower in cost but also low quality.

So, how do you know if a professionally produced video is right for your business? If you answer yes to any of the following questions then you should call us to discuss producing professional video content for your website:

  1. Do any of your competitors have video on their website?
  2. Are you losing business to your competition?
  3. Could you use more business in general?
  4. Would you like your company to speak to prospects 24|7?
  5. Would video help explain the benefits of doing business with you?
  6. If you sell services, could the benefits of using your business be clearer to your prospects with a professionally produced video?
  7. If your video sells products, would video demonstrate your products better than pictures?

Businesses whose websites have professionally produced video enjoy an increase in traffic, inbound calls and higher conversion rates than websites without video. Video shows up in search results and is clicked on more often than just standard search results. Weigh the advantages of having professionally produced video on your website and determine if video is the right investment for your business.

Here are samples of three videos that were created and produced by Primeau Productions. Call 800-647-4281 to speak with a live person who will help answer your questions. Or email us at Primeau@PrimeauProductions.com.

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